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Huckleberry Market

Huckleberry Market

Market Tour on Sunday, 26th May 2013.

I have finally had the chance to visit Huckleberry Market held at Cardinia Cultural Centre in Pakenham an outer South Eastern suburb in Melbourne, that has a growing population of young families which is the perfect target market for this baby and children’s market.

Huckleberry Market was started by Amy with support and push from her friends and family to run the market which moves between Mornington, Pakenham and next stop Moonee Ponds.

The market is a babies and children’s market with both handmade and boutique style items.  I knew a fair few friends would be at the market and I had been promising Amy that I will make it as part of our market tours.

First stop was Gardening 4 Kids with a stall full of gardening tools for children from first gardening, flower or herb kits, gloves, tools, wheelbarrows etc.  They have just started a fundraising unit where schools, kinders, playgroups can use as a fundraiser.

My second stop was Ash from Nest Accessories, what a beautiful lady she is, I have been trying to catch up with Ash at markets for awhile as she is a loyal follower of Markets and Community and also because I love her products, they are simply gorgeous and looks like I will be placing an order for a custom made fire engine clock for my little man’s 4th birthday.  You will find unique gifts such as wooden mobiles and clocks (see below), gorgeous canvases that are personalised.  I have simply fallen in love with these products.

Nest Accessories

Another one of our friends from facebook is Dot and Spence who have custom made finger puppets, along with a huge ranges of handmade goodies.  The finger puppets can be designed especially for the kids with different characters dressed in different clothing for example a mum, dad, brothers, sisters etc.  Perfect for children ages 4 and up who love imaginary play.

One of the main reasons I came to Huckleberry Market was to catch up with Bek from Sweet Bubba.  She sells a range of Eco, Organic and Handmade products including Baby Amber Teething Bracelets and Necklaces.  Bek is the Victorian admin of Markets and Community’s facebook page and is a valuable member of our team so it was nice to see her own business at work at the markets.  Check out Sweet Bubba’s products online.

Sweet Bubba

Also a quick mention to another talented stallholder, Bobishi with her baby clothes and accessories, I placed an order for one of the gorgeous tutus which is made from the softest fabric making it easier for it to be worn all the time.

BobishiBobishi’s Tutu

Finally as always I have to buy yummy cupcakes for the kids, I ended up purchasing a delicious array of mix from Amaesing Cakes..Yummy is all I can say.


Round She Goes Preloved Markets – Moorabbin

Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market

Sunday, 17th March 2013 at Kingston Town Hall in Moorabbin.

I have always been a bit of a softie for Vintage Markets but this market was definitely one of the impressive one’s I have been to.

I parked across the Kingston Town Hall on Nepean Highway and could see flocks of women walking in and of course excitement starts to creep in seeing people walking out with 3 or 4 bags as like most women I love shopping.

To greet you at the door is the lovely Emma who is the organiser of the Round She Goes Markets and up the stairs you go to a huge hall full of stalls.

I was on the look out for a dress for a wedding and I have never worn a vintage formal dress before but there is always a first time for everything.  I ended up finding a gorgeous silk designer dress with hand sewn beading across the whole dress from Dorothy’s Closet.  There is actually history behind the dress, it was worn by Dorothy’s Closet’s mum who used to be a wedding singer.  How ironic is that?

I have decided that I will get a special piece of jewellery made from Langi Designs who creates the most unique pieces of items to go with the dress.

Back to the market, I also met some of the other stalls with their funky, fashionable, vintage and stunning pieces of clothing, jewellery, shoes, coats, handbags & accessories.  Some of these fantastic stalls are Limonia with some vintage handbags, Kaamer Boutique with their stylish fashion accessories, Aacute with their awesome vintage style clothing, Crimson Gardenia with their swing-era-styled clothing & accessories for that classic look.

But to finish off my day I bought a real vintage jacket from Lady Soul Vinyl DJ which obviously was meant for me as it fit perfectly, so I had to get it!!!!

Round she goes markets are a well established and run market, they have branched out to Adelaide and also will be launching in Sydney on the 18th May 2013.

Markets and Community Market Tour 2013

Bentleigh Farmers Market

Markets and Community enjoyed being part of the inaugural event of Bentleigh Farmers Market. The community were thrilled when they found out there was a farmers market coming to their neighbourhood and certainly showed their support on the day.

Walking into East Bentleigh Primary School you can actually see how the school promotes sustainability, they have a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden full of luscious vegetables growing. What a lovely way to teach children the importance of eating healthy.

The market heavily promoted a zero waste policy and encouraged visitors to bring their own coffee cups or use the reusable cups. It was refreshing to see people walking with their KeepCup’s including me. My KeepCup goes on all our market tours. There were long lines to two stall one was “The Little Coffee Van” who were off their feet catering to the large crowd and the second one was the Natural Fruit Sorbet, I was the lucky last to get the Strawberry sorbet but the sorbet certainly did go down well with the kids on such a hot summer’s day.

My next stop was Tanglewood Herbs and I made  a new friend, her name is Eszmay (No, not after the movie Twilight).  Eszmay won a bronze at the International Flower Show and she gets to travel to all the markets that Tanglewood Herbs go to.  Tanglewood Herbs do have a wide range of culinary and medicinal herbs and plants and both Peter and Rosemary were so delightful, they were patiently answering questions about how to grow mint or what to do with a certain plant.  This is what markets are about, where you can ask the stallholders any questions and they take the time to explain everything to your thoroughly as they are the growers.
Tanglewood Herbs
My new friend Eszmay.

We enjoyed many of the wonderful stallholders some who are already our friends and others who are newcomers such as Rustica Sourdough Bakery who sold out by the time we got there, would you believe the bees were attracted to their sample bread and one of the customers said “if it’s good for the bees then it certainly is good for us”.

I would love to mention some of the other stallholders, Grand Ridge Brewery, Rayners Stone Fruits, the delicious beef from Cherry Tree Organics and one of my favourites Flavour Station – We ♥ Cake.  I love some of their delicious flavours especially the carrot cake, it is simply divine.

With the community, school, and even the local parliamentary ministers behind the market, Bentleigh Farmers Market has certainly had a great start to many years of providing a farmers market to the locals and also supporting the school and sustainability.

You can check out Bentleigh Farmers Market on our website here.

Croydon Farmers Market

Market Tours No: 3 – Visited 11th April 2012

Croydon Farmers Market which is run by the Regional Farmers Market is a lovely little farmers market with delicious food.  The stalls are all gourmet with something very special on offer for everyone.  The market is set up systematically where you can start from one side and finish on the other side.

The crowds came in dibs and drabs but like any community market its a place where the locals catch up. The marketeers begin their day quite early, some waking up at 5:00am getting themselves organised for their busy day out.

As a coffee lover, I had my caffeine fix from Red Bean Coffee served by the handsome gentlemen George and Sebastian.  Followed by a visit to Gourmet Bush Foods with their delicious chutney.

Markets to me have always been about getting delicious homemade produce such as jams & cakes, so I got my cupcakes for my children from Gilbert & Marcel Cupcakes & Pastry Lounge.

The regional farmers market have a very strict criteria for their stallholders and therefore the stalls you will find at these markets will be of top quality products.

Check out their market page on our website at Markets and Community.

Markets and Community’s First Major Exhibition at the GO Festival Melbourne.

Markets and Community are taking part at the GO Festival held in Melbourne on the 16th & 17th of February.

We have decided to take up this opportunity to exhibit on behalf of Markets, Stallholders and Small Businesses that would never get an opportunity to show their business to such a large audience of 10,000+ women.

We would love to introduce the businesses that are showcasing in our showbags.



Hi, my name is Kim and last year I had an amazing holiday on a cruse liner and stumbled across this product “Tweezers with Led-Light”, fell in love with it and decided it is a must have product for all women. That’s why I created my own business called KMJSelection so you could all have the opportunity to fall in love with this product too.

These state of the art glamorous tweezers contain a LED light and mirror allowing you to achieve those perfectly manicured eyebrows anytime, anywhere. Never again do you have to suffer those unsightly public moments when a glimpse of yourself in a mirror exposes all those fine hairs which you didn’t see at home! The LED light ensures that nothing gets left behind! For ladies who appreciate a touch of bling, a white and pink edition with a crystal button is available. For the gentleman, these tweezers are amazing to remove splinters, unwanted hair and fit perfectly in your toolbox or glove box.

If you would like a Unique, Affordable and fancy product please come and visit KMJSelection at my official Website www.kmjselection.com.au OR my Business Facebook Page KMJSelection and have a look at my Designer Fashion Tweezers with a Swarovski Crystal and Ultra Bright Led-light and many other Unique products soon to will be available.

Round She Goes Market

Round She Goes Market 0302201302

Round She Goes is an eco-friendly and award-winning fashion market event just for women.

It’s an opportunity for all women to book a stall and offload their quality preloved fashion items in a fun and friendly place. At Round She Goes shoppers can buy preloved designer and quality vintage fashion and accessories from different stallholders. There is also locally designed jewellery and accessories and even some cool craft. Round She Goes has become a not-to-be-missed event.

Round She Goes is held at various venues in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Please visit the Round She Goes website for upcoming dates.

Facebook Melbourne: http://www.facebook.com/roundshegoesmarket
Twitter: http://twitter.com/roundshegoes

Langi Designs

Langi Designs

Langi Designs has been my answer to custom designed and unique jewellery and accessories.  I’ve been creating for just over 6 years, during this time my business has changed and grown due to repeat clients and new ones requesting pieces that are unique and individual.

In the last 12 months I’ve grown my business to incorporate a range of hand stamped items in sterling silver and gold filled.  These beautiful pieces are treasured keepsakes to help celebrate or remember a special time in your life.  These pieces are custom designed to suit the individual tastes and budget.  Incorporating but not limited to pendants, bracelets, earrings and keyrings.

Examples of my work and also a platform that is regularly updated with pieces available to purchase is via my Facebook page:


I also tweet and release pictures of images prior to Facebook on Twitter.  I can be found at:

https://twitter.com/langi_designs and can be followed via Instagram as langidesigns.

Arch Angels Inn

Arch Angels Inn

Arch Angels’ Inn:

A Sacred space to honour: Spirit, Angels, the gift of Intuitive Healing, Master Usui Shiki Ryoho and Reiki Principles.

Our Values:

Always practice with the highest of Intent and Sincerity
Value each person that crosses or enters the Arch Angels’ Inn
Respect Spirit as the highest of knowledge, love and Wisdom
Live by the Usui Reiki Principles
To provide a space for love, light, respect and abundance
To acknowledge lessons
To be grateful for abundance

Facebook Link: Arch Angels Inn

Atelier Brazil

Atelier Brazil

Atelier Brazil is an online boutique that sells beautiful handcrafted items from Brazil.

The idea of starting Atelier Brazil came from my long term desire and dream to be my own boss, combined with the opportunity to bring to Australian customers and friends what Brazil has to offer.

I have always seen people commenting about the Brazilian bikini, the brazilian churrasco, the brazilian waxing, the brazilian carnival. But I, with my own knowledge, knew that there was more about Brazil.

Brazil is the country of colours, happiness and creativeness.  And that is what I want to bring to Australia.

All my suppliers are artisans, they don’t mass produce, what they do is to create beautiful items, with lots of Love and dedication. My artisans are happy and helpful people, who sometimes do this for a living or sometimes as a hobby, just because they are creative and inspired. And that’s the work I wanted to share with you, my lovely Australian friends.

Our range varies from Homeware to jewellery. From accessories to stationery. And in 2013 we are looking on expanding our ranges, bringing new and excited things, typically from Brazil.

One important thing that is well worth to mention is that soon we will have a range of Eco friendly items, with the Amazon touch. These items are made from raw material extracted from Amazon trees, without making any damaged to the environment. They are also produced in small scale and treated through natural process, without the use of any chemicals. And yes, I’m very proud to be able to introduce this line in 2013 to all of you.

Apart from selling online and making friends, we also attend to some local markets such as Como Markets in NSW, where I have the opportunity to show case our beautiful products, chat with people and have fantastic days out.

What I learnt, from being a small business owner – just starting and trying to make my way up – is that you can’t go anywhere without your friends, your family and the people that sometimes offer you help that you actually didn’t expect. These people are going to do things for you without asking anything in return, they will support you, give what they have best and sometimes make sacrifices to help you.

What I also learnt is that you have to be organized, you have to plan and spend wisely. Be creative and think outside the box, research, know your competitors, your strengths and weaknesses, have the humility to assume something is not working and the ability to learn from that and move forward. But what I also learnt is that you have to have fun and love your business, those times you spend the night awake planing your next move, the moments you have to give up on some of your free time to work. You gotta Love your business. That is the only way you are going to succeed .

And I Love Atelier Brazil.
Fernanda Rogers
Owner of Atelier Brazil


Val & Luc

Val and Luc

I’m Lorena, I’m an artist, wife, and a mother of two. I believe in myself and I believe that I am unstoppable. I’m the founder of “Val and Luc”.

What made me start Val & Luc?

I started hand painting decorations in 2008, enrolling in a class to learn the basics. The class changed my life forever – I knew straight away that I had found my passion! Drawn in by the creative expression and calming nature of painting, I took every class I could and I haven’t stopped painting since. I started painting just for myself, but then my ornaments quickly caught the attention of my friends and soon I was creating gorgeous decorations for them and other people who showed interest. Then, as requests grew and grew, I decided to turn my passion into a business. Named after my two most beautiful creations – my daughter Valentina and my son Luca – Val and Luc was born. I’m convinced that “Decisions change destinies”. Thus, I decided to raise my standards, despite fear, despite being busy as a wife and mother with two kids, despite thinking about what is going to happen… despite everything. And I’m so glad (and proud) that I did.

What does Val & Luc offer?

Val & Luc creates unique hand painted wooden decorations, perfect for warming up any space or event.

Val & Luc decorations can be customised for a special person or occasion, making them the ideal gift for christenings, birthdays, new arrivals and much more. Val & Luc also offers a range of ready-to-buy designs themed around yearly seasons, such as for Christmas and Easter, ideal home decorating!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/valandlucdecorations
Email: lorena@valandluc.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/valandluc
Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/valandluc
Pinterest:  www.pinterest.com/valandluc

Splatt Designs

Splatt Designs

I have always had a passion for colour, design and creativity.  I learnt from an early age the joy of turning an ordinary piece of fabric into something wonderful on the sewing machine.  So when my daughter arrived (now 11 years old) I started experimenting, designing and creating unique toys and clothes and so, Splatt Designs was born.  I now create totally unique and funky dolls, bags, mixed media canvases, hair accessories and even cushion covers for the home.  Each and every doll is individual and can be custom ordered to reflect the favourite colours, eye and hair colour and personality traits of your little ones or even not so little ones.  They are made using mostly cotton and calico, with wool or even felt hair, and cheeky hand painted faces.   I relish the process from beginning to end, and enjoy mixing and even mismatching the amazing range of colours and fabrics that are available.  I predominately use strong vibrant colours, but can also tone them down to use subdued pastels tones as well.  I love using the mixture of the amazing colour palettes found in beautiful fabrics, felt, wool, paint, buttons and even raffia (the list is endless).  I now have dolls living in England, New Zealand, Thailand and Hong Kong and all across Australia.  Please feel free to pop in and say hi and check out some of my work at


Luscious Lollipop Photography

Luscious Lollipop Photography 1102201301

Luscious Lollipop Photography is a high quality, flexible and affordable portrait photography studio, specialising in Weddings, Events, Maternity, Newborn, Family, Beauty and Glamour.  Luscious Lollipop Photography can offer customised, high quality, exclusive print/canvas/digital photo collections.

Owner Catherine, says “When I take photos I look at these not only as photographs, but also special memories for you to treasure and cherish for the rest of your life. My aim during a shoot is to make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible, to try and capture the ‘real’ you!  Relax, have fun, Enjoy a day of spoiling and let me work my magic”.

Catherine has completed a Diploma of Photography and undertaken many short courses and workshops in photography and lighting through various Universities and community colleges.

Over the past 12 months, Catherine has completed a Business Mentoring program with a very well-known Australian Glamour/Beauty Photographer and has a background in Events & Administration.

Examples of work can be viewed through the website www.lusciouslollipopphotography.com.au or via the Facebook Page Luscious Lollipop Photography.

Its My Room

Its My Room 1102201304

Hi.  My name is Michelle and a mum of 2.  Frustrated with the range (or lack of) of name sets in the retail world, I decided to create my own for my first born and haven’t stopped creating, offering a range of quality handmade products, at a reasonable price, to decorate kid’s rooms.

The Name Sets and Paper Mache Stand alone letters are 100% custom made so customer input is imperative. Designs and colour schemes are endless so you choose the colours and/or patterns and I do the rest.

I actually don’t start painting until colours and designs are confirmed and because I love creating, I treat each order as if it were being made for my own children. As the letters measure 6cm high, they are a great height for door fronts and the Paper Mache letters, at a height of 17cm, best suit shelves.

In addition to the best selling Name Sets, we offer a further range of items perfect for any special occasion from as little as $10.00.

  • Shaped Name Sets
  • Paper Mache Stand alone letters
  • Art Hangers (3 varieties)
  • Money Boxes
  • Door Hangers
  • Timber Buntings
  • Seasonal stock ie. Easter, Christmas and the list grows…

Please do contact me if you have any queries or would like to discuss something you may have seen on my website. I am always open to discussion and ideas. Custom Orders can take anywhere between 7 to 10 working days to complete so please keep the time frame in mind for orders required for a special occasion.

For all custom orders, payment needs to be received before work commences and can be made via Paypal or Direct Deposit. Pay on pick up is also accepted for locals.

You can find me at:



Coming soon to www.girljungle.com.au & www.boyjungle.com.au

Day 2 Day Personal Concierge

Orange memo holder

Day 2 Day Personal Concierge – Give Me Your List, Consider It Done

What is a Personal Concierge ?

Hi my name is Debbie Alford and I am the owner of Day 2 Day Personal Concierge. It is a service for busy people who don’t have the time or the inclination to complete the tasks on their “to-do” list. It’s been described as the aunty; the fairy godmother; the godsend; for women, the wife they always thought they needed; for the men, the wife without the … – well, you get the picture. Above all it is the helping hand when you need it the most.

You may not have the time to get through your tasks, I do. This in turn relieves some of the stress of trying to balance health, work, home, family and friends. You will find you have more leisure time and as Logan P Smith says “If you are losing your leisure time, look out, you may be losing your soul”. It is also comforting to know that you have someone reliable and discreet to call on when you are feeling a little under-the-pump – someone who will not judge you but simply help you.

The majority of my clients are busy women who sometimes struggle with the juggling act of work, business, children, spouse, elderly parents. I’m pleased to say that there has been an increase in the number of men asking for assistance lately. I know that some people have trouble asking for help, but in these busy times why ‘sweat the small stuff’ if you don’t have to. There is help on hand and if it still doesn’t sit well with you – nobody else need know you are asking for it, mum’s the word!
(Most of my clients reside in the eastern, outer eastern and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.)

Many of my clients are small business owners. Are they wealthy? No, Are they smart? Yes. They realise they simply can’t always do everything. Because most of them are sole traders, they know that if they experience stress related health issues, there will be no one to take over the running of the business. Mind you, one small business owner said recently “I do love telling others that I have a personal concierge – sounds like I have hit the big time!”

Why did I start this business?

I’m probably no different to any other business owner, I wanted to work for myself on my terms. I looked at my strengths, personality, organisational and practical skills and realised that these attributes were not being fully utilised in any of my previous employment – I wanted to share them with the people of Melbourne. I actually get a buzz out of helping people.

Are you on social media? Please join me…


Lisa’s Loot ~Preloved Odd’s and End’s ~

LIsas Loot 15022013

My name is Lisa and I am the Owner / Operator of Lisa’s Loot ~Preloved Odd’s and End’s ~ as a busy mum I understand about making ends meet and stretching the budget, as a child it was my grandparents who instilled in me that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and do I have some great loot in stock!

 I specialize in the location of and distribution of pre-loved (and sometimes brand new) odd’s and end’s – I look for those hidden gems, remarkable items, unique bits and pieces and strive to give them new life and a new home. I deal with various businesses in order to find things that I’m looking for. I accumulate various items from trash and treasure, collectibles, everyday items and basic odd’s and end’s – if I think there’s a market and I can recycle an item I’ll buy it.

I buy and sell with various local and international sellers – I have a high eBay rating and always make sure my customers come first.

If you’re looking for that special, unique something or just want to browse please feel free. My website is www.lisasloot.com.au

If you’d like me to try and locate a particular item please use the contact form on the site, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer and an estimate.

Although most items in albums will say pick up I am happy to arrange a drop off if reasonable – as well as this service I can also look into postage or freight if required.

Bambina Books and Gifts

Bambina 1502201302Bambina offers busy women Beautiful Books and Gorgeous Gifts. * Surround yourself with Chanel, Manolo Blahnik, Dior, McQueen… * LESS than retail prices. Our books are always on sale – Belissima! * Simply order online or we’ll come to you (currently Melbourne only) * Perfect for girl’s nights, fundraisers, fetes and markets! Contact us to book now. Naturally we also have a great range of other gifts – Ecoya Candles, Kitchen Accessories and even for Gym Junkies and Mums and Bubs!







Win a Double Pass to the GO Festival

If you will like to win a double pass to the GO Festival, click on the link below and enter.  There are 10 double passes to give away (Giveaway closes on 13th February 2013).

GO Festival Double Pass giveaway

Gully Market

The Gully Market is my neighbourhood market, it has been around for over 40 years.  Some of the stallholders have been there for well over 30 years. 

As all community markets you can feel the sense of the community and close knit feel of the market.  Saturday’s are very busy at the market with locals stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables from Tony from Pellegrino’s, his fruits and vegetables are usually sourced from the local area when possible, I love the freshness of his produce (definitely an A+ from me.

I remember going to the market when I was heavily pregnant and stocking up on my weekly produce, I didn’t have a trolley to carry everything back to my car, and one of Tony’s lovely and handsome sons helped carry my bags to the cars.  I was chuffed that he did that and still blushing now.

Another couple of favourite stalls of mine is Pam “The nut lady”, who stocks all sorts of nuts, the Turkish dried apricots tastes divine and she will advice on what’s best to use for your Christmas cakes or even just for your general baking needs.  Remember to purchase a statue from Mick, he has some great ornaments for your gardens to go along with your plants from Wolf’s Carnivorous Plants.

It is advisable to drag along your partner, as he can get his haircut at $15 whilst you shop.  He can even get his dutch poffertjes and a coffee whilst getting his hair cut.

On Sunday’s when you go for a drive through the Dandenong mountains, you can stop by for a quick look at the market before purchasing your groceries from Maxi’s for you dinner, as the market trades on Sunday’s as well.

The market is open every Saturday and Sunday.

It is located at Upper Ferntree Gully Sation Car Park.

Visited 04th February 2012

Spring Racing Carnival Campaign

Markets and Community are running a Spring Racing Carnival Campaign.  We believe in buying from our local Australian businesses and what a perfect time to purchase something unique or custom-made for your spring racing outfit.

The businesses partaking in this campaign are as follows:


Aussie Girls Love Shoes
Chic and affordable European inspired shoes.

Health & Beauty

Katie Pase It Works
Get your body ready for race day with these ultimate body applicator’s.

Ideal long wearing make up for your race day.


Material Pleasures By Jen
For custom made handbags to match your spring racing outfit.

LUXE by Lulu
Gorgeous, glamorous and affordable accessories.

Hair Accessories

Made By Elise
Handcrafted fascinator’s and hair accessories for your spring racing outfit.


LUXE by Lulu
Gorgeous, glamorous and affordable accessories.


Just Plus Fashions
Dresses for your race day outfit.

Beautiful unique outfits for your race day.