Charities That We Support

When we started our business Markets and Community it was in our vision to help markets, small businesses, stallholders and also to help the community by donating to various charities.

When deciding to exhibit at the GO Festival 2013, we decided that we will run a raffle using handmade items donated from our advertisers and distribute the donations amongst 3 charities.

The charities that we have chosen are:

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

I read Dr. Catherine Hamlin’s biography and was so inspired and awed by her that I really wanted to do something to help.  I have to say that her courage, her faith, her dedication and her life has just made her my hero.

Seven Women

I met Stephanie Woollard at the Mind Body & Spirit Festival 2012 in Melbourne and was drawn to her charity straightaway, she was saying that it is a fully volunteered run charity and that they need all the help they can get.  Later on when speaking to her, I mentioned about Dr. Hamlin’s work and she asked me to look at her Facebook photo which is a picture of Dr. Hamlin and her.  What a small world and it was great to meet someone who is inspired by the same woman.

Bendigo for Homeless Youth

It took me a little while to choose my third charity, I wanted to support a local charity but wanted to choose one from my heart, I saw a post from my friend Gossip Girl Bendigo about Bendigo for Homeless Youth raising funds for their charity and I knew straightaway that this is an organisation that I wanted to support.

I am truly happy to say that I managed to choose the 3 charities close to my heart and knowing that the funds will go directly to them in supporting their amazing work and commitment.

Keep an eye out for more information about our 3 charities.


4 responses

  1. A worthy cause

  2. Is this still an active site? Doesn’t seem to have anything much past 2013. We are looking to promote our local community market and other local community events – all for the community benefit – all proceeds from these events go back into the community

    1. Hi Michelle, we are using our website for the market listings, the blog has also moved to the website. I will send you an email regarding listing your market on the site.

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