Donations for Markets and Community’s Raffle

We have taken the opportunity at our exhibition booth at the GO Festival held in Melbourne on the 16th & 17th February 2013 to run a raffle to help raise funds for the 3 charities that Markets and Community are supporting.

The charities are: Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, Seven Women & Bendigo for Homeless Youth.

A number of small wonderful businesses have been so kind to donated prizes towards these raffles and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for being so generous.

Here is a list of the donated items for the raffle.

Sweet Bubba

Sweet Bubba have donated these Mumma Bubba Teething Pendant Necklace and bangle.

Sweet Bubba - Raffle 13022013

Val & Luc

Val & Luc have donated this handcrafted Easter Wreath.  A great way to add a special touch to Easter.

Val and Luc 0702201301

Forget Me Not Engraving

Forget Me Not Engraving are so kind to donate this amazingly beautifully handcrafted pendent.  It is an original piece and you will not find it anywhere else.

(The pendent is in the right hand side in the middle)

Forget Me Not Engraving 11022013

Day 2 Day Personal Concierge

What a wonderful gift voucher for the busy women out there, Day 2 Day Personal Concierge is giving away a 2 hour gift voucher for “Give my your ‘to do’ list”.

Day 2 Day Personal Conceirge Raffle Voucher 12022013

It’s My Room

It’s My Room have kindly donated this peg which is one large jumbo peg with the magnets to mount on a fridge or similar so it is one piece. People can use it for memo or kids art work.

Its My Room - Raffle 13022013

Elodie Grace Designs

Elodie Grace Designs have donated Size 4-5 strawberry peasant dress with a head band, hair tie & hair clips set.

Elodie Grace Designs - Raffle 13022013

Splatt Designs

Splatt Designs have donated a gorgeous Splatt Doll.

Splatt Designs - Raffle 13022013

Love Sofia

Love Sofia have donated these beautiful “Love Lace Shorts” in size 2 -3 along with a hair tie and clip set.

Love Sofia - Raffle 13022013


KMJSelection have donated 3 x state of the art glamorous tweezers contain a LED light and mirror allowing you to achieve those perfectly manicured eyebrows anytime.


Ami-Kay Boutique

Ami-Kay Boutique have donated a $20 gift voucher to use in their in their facebook store.


Arch Angels Inn

Arch Angels Inn have offered a 30 Minute Healing Session.

Arch Angels Inn


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