Grassroots Community Market Upwey

This is my second market tour of this market, (I haven’t put the first visit post up yet), today is the last market for 2012 and whilst the plans for 2013 markets dates haven’t been released yet due to some issues with the venue (due to the parking constraints) we anxiously await the next market.

Grassroots Community Market is a well planned out and successful market, set in the foothills of Dandenongs with many stallholders chosen from the local area.  The market is a handmade and community market, therefore displaying an array of gorgeous products and foods.

I live in the nearing suburb to Upwey and driving to this market, I thought to myself, how lucky I am because this is what i drove past, rolling green hills of acres of land with horses and cows grazing (hopefully not zoned for development) and the quiet hilly roads filled with beautiful native trees.  The best thing is this is only just over 5km’s from me.

Back to the market, well like the summer market, I walked in to a very busy market with all the stallholders having someone browsing through their stalls.  I spoke to my friend Amy from Lillebeart  who also runs the Kallista Community Market, it had been a few months since I have seen her, so it was good to catch up.

Next stop was CuuRLeaV where Christine had her baby massage and pregnancy oils, girls perfect for your little bubs.  She had a beautiful looking stand that I was eying to use at my exhibition booth at the GO Festival that her husband had made, when you put a special touch to your stall it does go noticed.

I then purchased some soaps from BodiLuv Handmade Spa & Produce for my girl friends birthday presents, I love buying handmade for my family and friends, it makes it special.  Had a lovely chat to Violetta hoping to catch up with her at Mulgrave Makers Market soon.

After purchasing some yummy food and drink I met up with another friend from Indie Market Place, Bubidi Boo who makes BOOTIFUL kids gear at awesome prices.  You can also view her items at her showroom in Rowville, Victoria.

I had a long chat to Jen’s Soaps, who also sells at Emerald Market, Gully Market and many other markets around the area.  Her soaps are in shapes of balls and it was an instant attraction to kids which in turn leads mum’s buying these great looking soaps.  Anything to make bath time fun.


Finally we had a little visitor to the market, this social butterfly really enjoyed the attention of the cameras clicking away.  It decided to land on one of plants of Kookaburra Fields.

I truly hope that GrassRoots Community Market will come back to their roots, as it would be such a shame to see a wonderful market fold in where the organisers have taken so much of their time and love to build.

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