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Markets and Community are taking the 20 Days to Organise & Clean your home Challenge


With our Spring Racing Carnival Campaign kicking off, Markets and Community have decided to do some spring cleaning, yes, I am taking on the challenge set by The Organised Housewife to spring clean my home.

I would love to share this journey with you and it would be great to see your feedback on it.  You are welcome to join the challenge too.  Check out The Organised Housewife’s website.


This was certainly a challenging task, I couldn’t keep up; sorry The Organised Housewife.  But I have been everything at my own pace and the tips are amazing.  I don’t have to go to google anymore to find out how to clean something I just go into the organised housewife’s blog to see how to do it.


Ok, I have not been able to keep up between working on our Spring Carnival Campaign, entering markets, stalls and fairs into our website, and working on the GO Festival, but I am getting onto it slowly.  My lovely hubby is helping when he can.

But I can say I have this lovely clutter free kitchen bench top and it looks so good.  Loving this challenge.

I saw this great post on the organised housewife yesterday.

Had a good chuckle.

Started 04/09/2012

Yes, I am a day late, but am in full swing to catch up from yesterday…finished putting in some more businesses for our Spring Racing Carnival Campaign and now off to do my The Organised Housewife Challenge.

That kitchen looks scary!!!!

Getting Ready for Tomorrow 02/09/2012

I am starting my 20 day challenge tomorrow, we are starting off with the kitchen.  Ummm why does The Organised Housewife have to start with the hardest area…I know…once that is completed we can breeze through the rest…ummm off to bed so I can think about cleaning my kitchen….

Oh yeah…the waking up early and making hubby’s lunch was a once off!!!

Pre Challenge Task 3 – 30/08/2012

Morning routines, now I have that pretty much sorted, but I did wake up 10 minutes earlier and even made my hubby’s lunch…I haven’t done that since we first got married.  Waking up 10 minutes earlier certainly gives you enough time to get yourself organised a bit without the chaos that comes ahead when the chipmunks wake up.

Might do a declutter of the toy box.  Get Mst. to pick some toys to give to the needy children.

Pre Challenge Task 2 – 28/08/2012

I seem to have everything I need for my cleaning kit, I do need to buy Gumption (Never heard of it, but seems to be something that works well).

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s task.

Pre Challenge Task 1 – 27/08/2012

I have decided to download the forms and go paperless, instead of the printing and putting it on a folder.  Already breaking the rules and it hasn’t even started.  I am pretty excited by taking on this challenge.


Spring Racing Carnival Campaign

Markets and Community are running a Spring Racing Carnival Campaign.  We believe in buying from our local Australian businesses and what a perfect time to purchase something unique or custom-made for your spring racing outfit.

The businesses partaking in this campaign are as follows:


Aussie Girls Love Shoes
Chic and affordable European inspired shoes.

Health & Beauty

Katie Pase It Works
Get your body ready for race day with these ultimate body applicator’s.

Ideal long wearing make up for your race day.


Material Pleasures By Jen
For custom made handbags to match your spring racing outfit.

LUXE by Lulu
Gorgeous, glamorous and affordable accessories.

Hair Accessories

Made By Elise
Handcrafted fascinator’s and hair accessories for your spring racing outfit.


LUXE by Lulu
Gorgeous, glamorous and affordable accessories.


Just Plus Fashions
Dresses for your race day outfit.

Beautiful unique outfits for your race day.

Kallista Community Markets

The Kallista Community Market is based in the Dandenong ranges in Kallista.  It is a buzzing little market with many of the local community mingling together.

The stalls were all busy with customers on this warm and sunny Saturday in the first week of March 2012.  There was a one man band playing the oldies tunes such as Carpenters.  I love my golden classics (to an extent)

I was welcomed warmly by the Market host Amy who has a stall called Lillebeart, her stall has recycled goodies from cards to jewellery, they were lovely pieces of art.  She was quite happy for me to mingle around with all the stallholders.

I walked around this busy market chatting away to various stallholders and my favourite would have to be Tony from Thorpdale Organics Produce, he showed me pictures of his farm in Thorpdale near Mirboo, his potatoes looked absolutely delicious and he gave me tips on how to cook silverbeet.

I know Mirboo because my husband took me there for our babymoon before my little man was born, it was at loves lane

After spending a couple of hours there, I headed down to Kallista tea rooms for a delicious coffee and orange cake.

The market was a bit hard to find if you are a stranger to Kallista, but if you notice all the cars parked you know its nearby.

Markets and Community

Welcome to Markets and Community

Written by: Nitty Brown

Posted: 2012-06-12

Welcome to Markets and Community.

Thank you to subscribers, markets, stallholders, community event organisers, advertisers and visitors for being part of the launch of this fabulous website.

My name is Nitty Brown, the founder of Markets and Community Pty Ltd.  My husband and I love going to markets especially during weekends away or holidays, however we always found it hard to find a market near us or the information was outdated leading to non existing markets.  So as every entrepreneur does, I woke up early one morning with an idea to build a website that listed all markets around Australia no matter how large or small.

I approached my website designer (Mod Media) and told him about my concept and the best thing was he was able to vision what I was thinking.  Together we built this amazing website that gives an opportunity for markets to be listed aswell as stallholders and community events.

We believe that stallholders who have wonderful talents and ideas need a chance to be recognised and easily found via the internet, we are endeavouring to work closely with them to help promote their talents and businesses.

Through social media we will be promoting the various markets, stallholders and community events.

Our aim is to also have a one stop site for community events such as your local school fete’s, church fairs or even an art exhibition, we want the communities to attract visitors from neighbouring communities or even people visiting from interstate or overseas.

We will be visiting various markets and fairs throughout the year and we will be writing about those markets on our blog.

If you would like us to list your favourite markets please send us an email to or use the contact us tab.

I look forward to building close relationships with markets and stallholders.

Please be patient with us as we build our site to list all the markets, we will be working very hard on this large project.  If you would like be kept informed you can subscribe to our website and receive a fortnightly newsletter on whats happening around you.

Regards and happy searching.

Nitty Brown

Business Manager